Sunday, October 17, 2010

davids free pony

This title did stick, here is the story: we live in a rural neighborhood in Cool, Ca.My wife has always loved horses so while our son was growing up we always had one or two to ride, I rode some but always got thrown so I would run instead. Now back to the story, After our son moved out and sold his horse, I sold mine as well, we had one old mare that had been in the family for fifteen years. In our neighbor's pasture there was a similar aged Shetland pony, named "Pony" the two would literally wear a trench in the pasture next to the fence where they would pace back and forth each day. Horses, like people are "herd" animals, they need social interaction.
Finally, my wife and Joe, our neighbor, decided to put in a gate so the two could hang out and graze together. It worked well. The problem was no one ever told me about the arrangement. I am a contractor so I usually work long hours and sometimes commute. It took a while for me to notice the new addition.When I asked D.Ann, my wife, how did Joe's pony get into our pasture? she said, "he gave him to us and that was your "Free pony"

Fast forward ten years I needed a screen name so I could throw rocks at political opponents, That is the job of Freepony!

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